Greeting fellow members of the cannabis freedom movement!

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Written by:  Ed Norton - USMJParty Hawaii

Greeting fellow members of the cannabis freedom movement. Like many of you, I have done some research as to my states motive and incentive in not making cannabis totally legal in our country.

I found this pdf format “FREDERAL GRANT FUNDING DOCUMENT” which was released in or for the year 2013. What this document actually is, is a state by state federal grant funding distribution accountability disbursement of those federal grant dollars that each and every state receives after they show cause that that particular state has a “drug problem” within that state.

Now, in laymen’s terms, the more arrests made in a state means the more of a drug problem they have. And the easiest drug arrest any cop or police agency could make to show cause for those federal dollars who be to make the most prevalent drug arrest in our country, and you guessed it by now. MARIJUANA! With one marijuana arrest every 42 seconds in our country totaling well over “SIX HUNDRED AND FIFTY THOUSAND {650,000} nonviolent innocent Americans for simple possession of MARIJUANA’

What I would like everyone to do, is take this document, {and I’ll walk you through the process here} and see how much money OUR federal government is giving to each state that you choose to privy yourself with. Here’s an example. I’m in the state of Florida, and when I did the research within this document I was astounded when I read that my state receives over a HALF BILLION DOLLARS IN FEDREAL GRANT monies which is CLEAR MOTIVE and INCENTIVE for law enforcement throughout the state of Florida to conspire to arrest it’s citizens for simple marijuana possession. $585.115.853 in 2013 EXACTLY!

I also read the many sheriffs and police sites here in Florida, that our citizens are also arrested for drug paraphernalia. i.e, a marijuana pipe with a smear of marijuana residue or even a roach in a person’s ashtray. Both as noted also are entered in Florida narcotics arrest statistics in order to “PAD” or bring greater statistics to show cause OR TO INFLATE for those federal grant dollars.

Ok, that being said, why not take a look at your state and see for yourself this conspiracy for those arrest incentive dollars money game that every state is in competition for.

Also, to back up my investigation, I’m attaching this you-tube video released by the “Young Turks You-tube channel” Which was released when that news group was on national cable network, and are now mainly on You-Tube” where they also explain in detail of a “Huffington post Investigation” Which also backs up this federal document. I’ll attach that article as well for your investigation of this blatant conspiracy that being perpetrated upon our innocent men, woman, and yes even children who are arrested in wholesale numbers for those competitive federal funding drug money grant dollars.

PLEASE, I FOUND THE INFORMATION WHICH I HAVE YET TO SEE ON ANY PRO CANNABIS SITES THUS FAR! It’s all hear guys, this is a conspiracy and YOU must take a few minutes that it would take to see this document and only then will your hair stand on the back of your heads, I promise you that this information will BLOW YOU AWAY GUYS! And you will be appalled at what you’re going to see. I did the research, now you have to stop toking for a while and read this atrocity. I promise, you’ll tanks yourselves that you did take the initiative to investigate.

OK, anyway, getting to the actual document. Here’s that pdf web address.
On the main page, towards the right side, you will see the word “GRANTS” {Click on that word.}
From there, it will take you to a page titled “GRANT PROGRAMS” Now to the far left of that portion of the document, you’ll see at the top left, the word “GRANTS”
Scroll all the way down until you see another word “FIND GRANTEES NEAR YOU” {NOW CLICK ON THOSE WORDS}
After clicking on that you will be directed to a page which displays a map of America with each state within out union. Now click on ANY or Your state, and that will take you to the actual federal grants page which if you scroll down to pages 6-7, you will see the monies that your state receives in federal grants for ARRESTING NON VIOLENT, INNOCENT CITIZENS FOR MARIJUANA AND OTHER DRUG RELATED OFFENCES! {WLECOME TO THE RABBIT HOLE}

Now you can get a better understanding of WHY the many state by state police agencies are arresting you, your loved ones, and your friends among others who are caught in this constant circle of our criminal justice system all for the all mighty dollar! Also, ask yourself if you reasonably believe that if THE FEDERAL MONEY CASH COW STOPPED, WOULD PEOPLE BE ARRESTED AS THEY ARE NOW? If that happened, watch how fast cannabis would become legal and taxed to hell in order to bring revenue to your and EVERY STATE IN AMERICA! WAKE UP AMERICA!
Well there it is. I did the research, now you must READ THE UNDISPUTABLE TRUTH, act and vote YES for cannabis in your state and put a stop to this obvious conspiracy to arrest, convict, and incarcerate our United States of AMERICAN citizens in wholesale numbers and are incarcerated in our many private for profit prisons throughout our GREAT NATION! Thank you for taking the time as I did to investigate this ongoing problem in our country. FREE THE WEED!

February 2012 The Administration’s inaugural National Drug Control Strategy...

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