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The U.S. Marijuana Party - How Can I Help The U.S. Marijuana Party?

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How Can I Help The U.S. Marijuana Party?

The U.S Marijuana Party operates solely from donations made by concerned citizens and from volunteer work. 

Each State is responsible for their own operating income and costs and operate independently as well as jointly with other active State's.

Other ways you can help out. Start or support the U.S. Marijuana Party in your State.

Show up at or hold pro-cannabis events in your area.

Write letter to the editors of newspapers, and your elected officials calling for an end to cannabis prohibition and the drug war.

Another thing that anyone can do is simply to talk about the issue with friends, relatives and co-workers at every given opportunity.

The more we push this controversial topic into the spotlight to be discussed, the sooner the night-mare of prohibition will come to an end.

It's NOT what others do, but what YOU DO!

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