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Chairman William A. Chengelis-CO (national chairman).,
Sheree Krider-KY.,
Nick Apuzzo-CA.,
Tom Johnson-PA.,
Jeffrey Kabik-MD.
Founded 2002
Ideology Anti-Prohibitionism (cannabis)
Political position Libertarianism
International affiliation Cannabis political parties
Colors Red, white, blue, green
Politics of the United States
Political parties

The United States Marijuana Party (USMJParty) is a cannabis political party in the United States founded in 2002 by Loretta Nall specifically to end the war on drugs and to legalize cannabis. Their policies also include other socially libertarian positions. Local chapters have been formed in 8 states, and they are affiliated with a number of international cannabis political parties.


The United States Marijuana Party was started in 2002 by Loretta Nall from Alabama following her misdemeanor arrest for marijuana possession.[1][2] Nall was the chairperson of the party until she resigned in 2006 to pursue the Libertarian Party of Alabama's nomination for Governor.[3]

Mission statement[edit]

The purpose of the organization is made evident by the mission statement displayed on the party's official website:

  • We seek to remove all penalties for adults 18 and over who choose to consume cannabis in a responsible manner.
  • We demand an end to the war on productive and otherwise law abiding citizens by the powers that be who claim to protect us.
  • We demand the right to use any medication our healthcare providers and we deem fit without government interference.
  • We demand the release of all people imprisoned on marijuana charges and that their criminal records be expunged.
  • We demand that all property seized in marijuana raids be returned to the rightful owners at once.
  • We demand that our law enforcement officers make more efficient use of our tax dollars and use the resources they have at their disposal to go after violent criminals and crimes that actually have victims.
  • We demand the right to grow marijuana for personal consumption, just as alcohol can be brewed at home legally so long as it is not sold untaxed.
  • We demand that you stop treating us like second class citizens for consuming something that is less dangerous than alcohol and tobacco, both of which are legal and cause numerous deaths each year. Cannabis has never been reported to have caused one.[4]

2012 presidential election[edit]

On September 18, 2012, the party endorsed Gary Johnson for President in the 2012 presidential election.[5]

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