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What To Do Now?
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United States Marijuana Party - United States Marijuana Party
Posted by United States Marijuana Party   
Wednesday, 19 November 2008 22:52


You can learn a lot by reading the election info on your Secretary of State website on parties, PACS, running for office, initiatives and campaign finance laws (provided they have a nice site), and by reading in the election section of your state laws which can be found online.

Find your states House of Representative and Senate websites. Contact reps (emails may be provided), try to educate them a bit and learn their views. Keep a log (friend or foe). The same for Governor, city council members, etc. Secretary of State or your county board of elections should be able to provide you with a legislative directory of all officeholders.

Write letters to the editors, especially in response to articles in your latest news section. The Media Awareness Project www.mapinc.org is the expert in this area. The more you know about this site, the better. Sign letters as the president of your party and include all contact info.

Try networking with the Libertarian Party and other freedom type groups in your state, and grow the list serve on your website so you can network with supporters. Try to get them working with you, and there are plenty of hats to wear - President, VP, Treasurer (for PACs), Secretary, Outreach/Project/Fundraising Coordinators, Director of Strategic Planning (lol), etc.

Contact local radio and television stations (or any other media outlet). Let them know who you are, what you're doing, and offer an interview. Organize an event, protest or fundraiser. Film such events or create a drug war video for the USMJP tv section. Run for office and/or encourage others to do the same. Put out links to your website for better ratings, add valuable content. Of course, signatures are a priority. That's the political push that can't be ignored. Press Release (usually tied to an action or event).

Create a state logo and put it on products at

www.cafepress.com. It doesn't cost anything and could raise a few dollars for your party.

This link

http://www.politics1.com/states.htm, then click on your state, keeps some track of people running for office. If you're registered as a PAC, I think they'll give the issue good thought before responding with their view, which is good. Candidates should be added to that friend or foe list.

Try to find the requirement's and procedures for a ballot initiative in your state and city. My state requirements are crazy, but I'm going be asking some questions when I go to the county board of elections regarding my city and how one should be prepared.

Business cards are reasonably priced for something to pass out (with blank petitions?). T-shirts, buttons, rolling papers, maybe decals or iron-ons printed from your computer is a way to gain some resources to help you grow your party. There may be a way to have papers specially made with your logo, but I'm not sure just where or how much.

Best of Luck. You can make a difference.


Ohio MJ Party

Last Updated on Friday, 21 November 2008 13:04
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