USMJParty Press Release

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Feb. 26, 2012


 Last July when the role of Chairman, US Marijuana Party became my milieu I didn't get an instruction manual. At the same time Richard Rawlings was going through personal stuff so I decided to let the dust settle and then start work on redesigning the party. Thing is that I have no right to make decisions for the whole without including the whole.

In the interim I have appointed Charlie Lake, Chairman, US Marijuana Party of Wyoming as my Executive director. He lives within 2 hours so we can work face to face. 

I also dumped our original website. The party does have one red cent. Seemed ludicrious to have front for the party out of my VA disability pension. That has been corrected with new "free" page: Since it was set-up by Richard Rawlings, I have appointed him party "Webmaster." He has accepted. At this writing I am hereby asking Richard Rawlings to be Chairman, US Marijuana Party of Kentucky. He hinted about the position and I am sure he will gladly accept.

Finally the Future and The US Marijuana Party. Like all the other major political parties we will be holding our first ever convention. The convention will take place in Denver, Colorado during the Denver 4/20 Rally which will be held two days this year. April 20 and April 21. Charlie Lake and I will be providing "bus tickets" and lodging to "NOW EXISTING" State Chapter Chairpersons. During the convention collectively we will hammer out the manual I so need to give this party it's future direction. 

The first ever US Marijuana Party convention is open to ALL. Hope to see you there. Details will be posted here in the near future as things firm up. Again hope to see you All there.

Peace, Pot, Politics,
Wayward Bill Chengelis
Chairman, US Marijuana Party

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