Richard J. Rawlings ~ RIP

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In Honor of Richard James Rawlings

Former USMJParty Chairman
Chairman, USMJParty of Illinois 

July 20, 1961 - February 24, 2013

We come together today to praise your almighty gifts to us, especially our Son, Brother and Husband,

Richard James Rawlings

You have given us light for warmth , meadows of fresh flowers and herbs to keep us healthy and happy.

You gave us dark to sleep and rest our weary hearts and minds, so that we may serve you for another day.

You gave us our Mother, our Sisters, our Brother and our Children to carry on our never ending endeavors - to carry out your will as we know we can never accomplish this alone.

You gave us intelligence to separate the good from the evil. Dear Father forgive our sins, as we forgive our tresspassers.

Dear Father on this day of sorrow as we offer our Son, Brother, Husband to you,

Give us the strength to carry on, to rectify the evils that to which we succumb,

And in it's place bring back the meadows, the flowers and the tree's, let us continue to hear the birds and bee's.

And Bless the Hemp Lord and keep it strong and enable us to carry on.

For this was Richard's wish for the world.

Posted for Sheree Krider in memory of Richard J. Rawlings.


We lost the one man who held this party together through thick and thin. When his tough got too tough he passed on the torch to me. I won't let you, the US Marijuana Party, and the plant down Richard. God Speed!

Peace, Pot, Politics,
Wayward Bill Chengelis
Chairman,US Marijuana Party
Chairman, US Marijuana Party of Colorado
Board Member, Overgrow The Government

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