US Marijuana Party Maryland chairperson Jeffrey Kabik in hospital

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Jeffrey Kabik, my friend, my fellow White Panther & Yippie, plus our Chairman in Maryland is having serious heart problems and is hospitalized. He needs your love and prayers please! - Wayward Bill

My dear friend and fellow activist Jeffrey Kabik has found out he has five arterial blockages and will be having open heart surgery on Tuesday.. please keep him in your prayers as he is scared and needs all the love we can send his way... thank you. One Love. - Rebecca Forbes

Hey buddy stay strong if there is anything you need don't hesitate to ask. Hope all goes well we are all behind ya. Sending my Indian healing powers your way for what its worth : ) - Jeremy Pharma Reaps

Jeffrey Kabik's prognosis is better since his heart catherization. Getting by-pass surgery on Tuesday. You can call him directly at his hosptal room at 410 427 2473. YeaH! - Wayward Bill

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