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United States Marijuana Party - United States Marijuana Party
Written by United States Marijuana Party   
Friday, 21 November 2008 13:26


Candidates are the life blood of any election campaign. The campaigns of most political parties fail because they can not get the support of just one person in any electoral district willing to throw their hat in the ring, with the full knowledge that they have no hope of winning the election.

Many political parties have very good platforms, but can not inspire candidates because the name of their party does not challenge the imagination of just one person in an electoral district.

*By calling your political party "The Marijuana Party of Your State", you will have no problem finding candidates. Why? Because marijuana users are oppressed. They have no way out but this course of action. There are hundreds if not thousands of marijuana users who are oppressed in every electoral district of every state in the U.S. Finding one such person in any electoral district is very easy. We have done it and we will show you how, and we will show you how easy it is.

The way we did it was to first form a coalition of Libertarians and drug policy activists. This is a very easy coalition to produce because every Libertarian will agree that the state has no business telling people what they can eat or smoke or drink. Libertarians have a pretty good platform generally, but the one problem that Libertarians can't beat is inspiring one candidate in every electoral district. By using the marijuana issue to highlight the Libertarian platform an army of drug policy activists become available to run as candidates in elections. These activists are suffering government oppression and they are many. They have been looking for an opportunity like this all of their lives.

We will show you where to find them and how to recruit them as candidates!

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