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United States Marijuana Party - United States Marijuana Party
Written by United States Marijuana Party   
Friday, 21 November 2008 15:07


Internet tools and tricks at your disposal will give you a very big edge on your competition. Your opponents will be organized the old way. Each one will have an expensive campaign office, staff, cars, and phone banks. You, however will have none of these. Your campaign will be organized entirely on the internet.
As you accumulate new candidates you will communicate with each other and organize via your own list serve (See section on List Serves) The List and your website will become your campaign office. On this list candidates can report to each other about progress in their electoral districts. It pretty likely that your campaign will be run out of your home, which works just fine. You will probably not have a large campaign team and you wont need one either. Its not necessary for your purposes.

If you do spring for a campaign office use one for 6 or 7 electoral districts or perhaps one for your whole state. Remember. Your opponents are working the OLD WAY, with horses and buggies ( which is why we have marijuana prohibition in the first place) You are doing things the new way.

Remember - all of the functions of the old style campaign office can be replaced by the internet and they can be replaced for free.

The internet and your website will also be an excellent way for you to distribute literature about your campaign for free. By making posters, screensavers, flyers available for download on your web site, people can download them and read them. Some may even be disposed to print hundreds at their own expense and distribute them.

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