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United States Marijuana Party - United States Marijuana Party
Written by United States Marijuana Party   
Friday, 21 November 2008 14:12


Structure is what makes this formula unique. To organize for as little money as possible, all functions that were previously performed by physical things will now be done for free via the internet. Because your candidates and campaign staff will be communicating via the list serve you will not need a campaign office.
You may decide on regional offices to serve all candidates in a region or just one for the whole state.

Brochures and pamphlets can be made available for download on your web site. Whether or not you have the extras like signs buttons, etc depends on your budget.

The Structure works best if it is hierarchical, with a central office (or home) giving directions and running the campaign for all candidates. This central office must be responsible for ensuring that candidates all have their signatures gathered ( where necessary) and that candidate fees are paid.

This central office will also be where the press go for a story. And one of the most wonderful things in a Marijuana Party campaign is that the Press will not leave you alone. The Press will write more stories about your state Marijuana Party than any other campaign. They love an underdog. And they will get your your vote. The 3 -5% of the popular vote that you will achieve will be largely due to the incredible publicity you will receive.

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