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United States Marijuana Party - United States Marijuana Party
Written by United States Marijuana Party   
Friday, 21 November 2008 15:26


Our web site will be one of the most important tools in getting your message to the press and for acquiring candidates. Once you have it built it must be circulated on internet list - serves. it is very important that you do not make your web site look like a pro - pot web site.
You should emphasize that you are not promoting marijuana use. You are promoting restoration of your civil rights, property rights, respect for the constitution , and the fact that you have a better solution. There should be no gratuitous display of pot leaves, etc. This is not a marijuana site... this is a political site.

You should have a lot of information on failed drug policy, lots of links to sites that promote drug policy reform and news articles of interest to the issue at hand.

It is important that you solicit candidates on the front page. Look for candidates that look "reasonable". You are trying to get votes here and your candidates must be prepared to dress like a politician and be properly groomed. It must be policy that there by no marijuana smoking by party candidates in public. It diverts attention from the real issues.

The web site should have a chat section so that visitors to the site can exchange views. By doing this you will have something over on your competition as most democrats and republicans do not have chat sites on their websites.

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