Mobile Health Releases ‘Marijuana Drug Test Detection Time in Urine Infographic’

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Mobile Health, an employee screening company specializing in drug testing, releases an infographic displaying the detection times for marijuana in urine drug tests.

New York, NY (PRWEB) July 01, 2013

Mobile Health released an inforgraphic image displaying the detection times for urine drug tests for marijuana. Pre-employment drug testing is a very important part of an employee-screening program, and understanding the detection times allow employers to understand the results given.

Due to the nature of detecting marijuana use in urine, it is difficult to pinpoint exact detection times. This inforgraphic will help employers know the variables in the testing, and how the candidate’s personal health, lifestyle, and frequency of use impacts the detection time.

A 2011 study reported that more than half of all employers conduct drug tests on their employees (SHRM 9/7/11). Although this number is impressive and shows employers taking a proactive approach in establishing a drug-free workplace, it is equally important to understand the results provided by the screening agent.

Depending on multiple variables, a healthy person with low body fat and infrequent marijuana use will only test positive on average of 7 days after last use. By comparison, an inactive person with high body fat and frequency marijuana use can test positive for up to 100 days after last use.

The main reason for such a difference is related to the fact that the main THC metabolite ‘THC-COOH’ stores itself in the individual’s body fat. This causes individuals with more body fat and more THC to test positive for much longer than others.

With this information, employers can interpret a positive drug test result better and make an education decision. If an employer needs a shorter detection time to test for immediate use, saliva or blood test is a better option testing only a few days after last use. If a longer detection time is needed, hair testing can go as far back as 90 days. Neither blood, saliva, nor hair testing is susceptible to the individual’s body fat content.

Mobile Health is an employee screening provider for New York City area businesses. They own and operate 6 medical centers across New York and Long Island specializing in employee medical exams, drug testing, and background checks. For more information, visit their website at


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