3 Major Legalization Initiatives Unite in California

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From Steve Kubby

Feb. 26, 2012


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Los Angeles, CA - In an effort to unite the competing 2012 California cannabis ballot initiatives, leaders of several campaigns will be attending the University of Southern California chapter of Students for Sensible Drug Policy today, February 26 at USC's University Park campus. These leaders have been meeting privately and they have crafted a unified message, which they plan to issue today.

Currently, California has six initiatives competing for signatures, fundraising, and volunteers, all hoping to qualify for the November ballot: Repeal Cannabis Prohibition Act of 2012, Regulate Marijuana Like Wine, Medical Marijuana Regulation, Control and Taxation Act of 2012 Initiative, California Cannabis Hemp and Health Initiative of 2012, Marijuana Penalties Act of 2012 and Patient Reasonable Access Act. Co-proponents will be present to address questions surrounding the legalities and strategies of their initiatives.

"Resources are being spread too thin, and time is running out on each of these six initiatives to make the November ballot. Students have expressed concerns about the lack of urgency and cohesion in the marijuana legalization movement. We feel that our voices must be heard and questions need to be answered," says Steven Hwang, Co- Founder and President of USC Students for Sensible Drug Policy.

The forum will serve to educate students and community members about the different aspects of each initiative in a neutral manner. The goal is to foster a cooperative spirit in building a unified cannabis coalition and to ensure that sensible steps are being taken to give California voters an opportunity to vote on this issue in November 2012.

The 'California Cannabis Initiatives Forum' will take place in Room 101 at Taper Hall of Humanities from 12pm - 3pm.

Founded in 1998, Students for Sensible Drug Policy is comprised of thousands of students at hundreds of campuses in several countries. Its members are concerned about the impact drug abuse has on our communities and believe that the War on Drugs is failing our generation on society.

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